Don Getty's Wildlife & Nature GalleryI was raised in southeastern Wyoming and earned a business degree from the University of Wyoming. After college I moved to Colorado achieving a successful career, first as a CPA, and later in the property management business. From my early years I always had a keen interest in wildlife and photography. In the late 80's I began pursuing nature photography with a passion (some have called it an obsession) that has taken me to the locations presented in this gallery. Each year I dedicate more time to photography, striving for great images and outlets for their use.

After 36 years living in Colorado, I’ve returned to Wyoming but this time to the northwest part of the state. My “significant other”, Joan Byrns, and I now live in Wapiti, Wyoming just east of Yellowstone. In addition to Yellowstone there are many other great locations for wildlife photography in the area.

Since you've made it this deep into my web gallery, you must have questions or comments. So send an email to to let me know what's on your mind. I'll do my best to respond promptly.